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According to a study by technology provider GoDaddy, if you would put sustainability ahead of profitability, you’re in the majority.

Of the more than 500 Australian SME owners to respond to the global study, 59 per cent said they would accept lower profits if it meant running an environmentally sustainable business.

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The waste management and recovery industry is well placed in a climate-changing world, but don’t forget to focus on resilience.

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A 10cm increase in sea levels is all it takes to treble the risk of major coastal flooding, exposing coastal assets and infrastructure. As warming increases and rainfall patterns change, millions of hectares of fertile crop land are at risk from heat, drought or flooding.

NFPs adapting to climate change


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McEwen, director of Adaptive Capability, works with clients across a number of industries to help them adopt practical and effective strategies to reduce their environmental impact while improving business effectiveness and financial sustainability.

The Business of a Changing Climate

Responsible Profit in a Changing Climate

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That the climate is changing is now indisputable. The question now is, how warm will it get? This provides opportunities for businesses that consider climate change as a catalyst for disruption and set their strategy accordingly.


Modern Business

Q&A, November, 2016

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Modern Business

Is your business ready to adapt to climate change?, November, 2016

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